By Their Fruit You Will Recognize Them – Matthew 7:16

When I organized ChurchPlaza in 1986 at the request of the Assemblies of God and the Church of God, Cleveland Tennessee, it was to provide a trusted resource for American churches seeking information and sourcing for quality products and services. And since that important day, nothing has changed in our mission and ministry.

Over the years 45 national denominations, ministries and/or their publishing houses and America’s leading provider of church insurance have endorsed and recommended ChurchPlaza to their churches…….and for good reasons.

No governmental, denominational, ministry or civil authority has ever received a complaint about ChurchPlaza. We have never been sued or sued anyone else. We have delivered every paid for product that has been purchased from us. We have never filed bankruptcy or mismanaged our financial responsibilities. In short, we have taken seriously our responsibility to provide God’s churches with the very highest quality products and services, at exceptional values and to work humbly and with integrity.

Over the years ChurchPlaza has provided more church chairs and sanctuary seating, pews, theatre seats and other seating products to churches than any organization in the world. We’ve also provided a wide range of other quality products and information to the benefit our church and ministry clients.

Of important note today is our specialized work in church seating and especially in providing quality church chairs, sanctuary and worship seating.

Today there are many sources for church chairs and sanctuary seating……and not all of them are reliable. The internet, here today and gone tomorrow brokers of the least expensive chairs they can find and stocking warehouses selling “no name” chairs made cheaply by third party offshore manufacturers that won’t stand behind their products, makes the purchase of church chairs and sanctuary seating potentially a complex and dangerous task for some churches.

Add in the fact that recent regulations have highlighted the potential dangers from formaldehyde and TDCPP (known cancer causing carcinogens) in some church chair and sanctuary seating foundations, foam and upholstery, and there are real reasons for churches to be careful about where they are sourcing products.

ChurchPlaza has many fine competitors………but not all competitors are fine or good for The Church. That is why we encourage churches to seek information about the reputations of those they might work with and the quality of their products.

Matthew 7:16 could not have said it better;


Dr. Thomas McElheny