Church Chair Samples You Can Trust

In an increasing attempt to save money, many providers of church seating have begun to lower the quality of the raw materials used in their products and to no longer guarantee that church seating ordered from them will match the sample chairs sent.

American churches will NEVER be in danger of these risks when dealing with ChurchPlaza.  For 26 years, ChurchPlaza has been a leading provider of church chairs, sanctuary chairs and church seating for America’s churches.  During this time, ChurchPlaza has received the endorsements of 45 national denominations and/or their publishing houses because of the quality of products and trust worthy service their churches have received.

ChurchPlaza guarantees that the chairs ordered by a church will be the same model and match the specifications of the model chair requested and received by the church.

Today there are actually church seating providers that require churches to agree the provider is NOT required to deliver the same church chair or match the same specifications of the church chair sample upon which the buying decisions were made.

Just imagine if your church ordered a car based upon a car seen at a dealership, only to have a car delivered that did not match the model or quality of the car upon which the buying decision was made.  That is exactly what some church chair and sanctuary seating providers are asking churches to do!

There are many possible reasons why some providers of church chairs and sanctuary seating would resort to these tactics and none of them are in the best interest of your church.

These could include;  a bait and switch where a chair sample of higher quality is initially sent to the church to close a sale and then church chairs manufactured with inferior materials are delivered, the continuous lowering of the quality of raw materials and church chair/sanctuary seating quality freeing the provider of matching the quality of the sample chair delivered, undisclosed changes in the manufacturing process and so on.

With ChurchPlaza America’s churches don’t have to worry about issues like these.

The world’s highest quality church chairs, sanctuary chairs and church seating at excellent prices from people you can trust!  That’s the ChurchPlaza way of doing business and why 45 national denominations/ministries and/or their publishing houses have endorsed ChurchPlaza as their trusted church chair, sanctuary chair and church seating provider.