ChurchPlaza Chairs Good, Better, or Best?

Recently, an executive with a major Christian denomination asked me to provide information for their denomination ranking ChurchPlaza’s church seating into three categories of good, better or best.

I had to respectfully tell him I couldn’t do that.

You see, unlike most other providers of church seating, ChurchPlaza does not manufacture different quality levels of church seating.

Every ChurchPlaza church chair uses only the highest quality components and manufacturing standards available in the industry today.  That is why the ChurchPlaza Brand is THE world standard for the highest quality church chairs, church seating and sanctuary chairs available anywhere in the world.

What ChurchPlaza does do is manufacture different chair models for different church applications…..and because we are church people and serve churches, we’ve grown to know the needs of churches as well or better than anyone.

Our Chair Anatomy

Every one of our chairs begins with highest quality, high temperature refined 1010 cold roll steel.  We then form this higher grade steel into TRUE 16 gauge, TRUE 1 inch frame foundations that can support over 1700 pounds.  We will never use a weaker 18 gauge foundation or misrepresent the material we do use

Our frames then go through a 5 step acid bath and then are subjected to super sonic sand blasting, unique to the industry that assures there will be no rust or impurities to weaken the durability of our multi-step electrostatic painting process.

Our sanctuary chair foundations use only TRUE one-half inch industrial strength plywood or the highest quality PolymerTough™ foundations developed from space age technology.  ALL of our fastening systems are steel to steel “T-Nut” construction.

All of the foam used in our chairs is the highest quality virgin commercial foam.  We never substitute remanufactured cost saving foam that will significantly reduce chair life

Regardless of the ChurchPlaza church chair model, we utilize only the highest quality long wearing commercial fabrics with certified specifications and the industry’s only standard MoistureBarrier™ protection.

ChurchPlaza provides a choice of quality floor glides to fit your specific application and all with life-time warranties.

We simply and always provide the BEST church seating available……and that is why 45 national denominations and ministries and/or their publishing houses have recommended us to their churches over the years.  No other provider of church seating has received even one endorsement!

The world’s highest quality church seating……at extraordinary prices……from people you can trust.  Why would you go anywhere else?