Church Chairs: Value vs. Price

For nearly 30 years ChurchPlaza has provided quality church chairs and sanctuary seating to America’s churches.  During that time we have received the recommendations and endorsements of more than 45 national denominations, ministries and/or their publishing houses while no other church seating provider has received even one.  We are truly honored to be recognized as “America’s leading provider of quality church and sanctuary seating”.

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of church chair and sanctuary seating providers come and go.  I’ve also witnessed the bankruptcy of what was once the single largest provider of church chairs and the resulting loss of deposits and un-delivered paid for chairs by more than 1,000 churches.

So when I say “there are real dangers to buying the wrong church chairs and sanctuary seating from the wrong company” it’s a sincere and heartfelt warning to your church!

Candidly, most churches are uninformed about what to look for and where caution is needed in buying church chairs and sanctuary seating.  Unfortunately, many church chair providers today play upon this lack of information and focus their advertising on low prices and quick sales, regardless if it is in the best interest of the church or not.

Because real stewardship is about obtaining the best VALUE for your church (defined as a combination of price, product quality, warranty and service), ChurchPlaza has developed a video education series specifically designed to educate your church’s decision makers on what they should be looking for when buying church chairs and sanctuary seating.

Please review the list of titles available or contact us, and we’ll be happy to send free of charge a single disc with all the topics.

In the meantime, here’s a concise checklist to begin thinking about BEFORE you purchase church chairs and sanctuary seating

  • Only buy from a well established and reputable church chair provider.  Ask how long they’ve been in business, will they provide multiple references or have they ever filed for bankruptcy.  Avoid warehouse church chair resellers-they buy the lowest priced chairs to resell from people that won’t stand behind them if there is a problem.
  • Only buy chairs that have their components certified by a 3rd party laboratory for safety.  Without these assurances your chair foundations, foam and fabrics could likely emit dangerous levels of formaldehyde and TDCPP, both cancer causing agents.
  • Will the chair provider send a FREE sample to your church to evaluate?  Be extra careful if they won’t……it could mean they don’t want you to see what poor quality they are providing.
  • Is the warranty clearly written, easy to understand and provides a lifetime warranty on the chair frame, 25 years on workmanship and 10 years on the fabric and foam.  Who will guaranty the warranty and what will your church have to do to enforce the warranty.
  • Add up the TOTAL price for the chairs to include all additional costs.  THEN ask yourself if a couple of dollars per chair are worth not having all of the items in 1-4, because that is the reality of buying the cheapest church chairs and sanctuary seating you can find.

Over the past 28 years ChurchPlaza has delivered several million church chairs and sanctuary seating to America’s churches.  During that time we have never had a formal complaint filed with any governmental, industry, church or denominational authority.  We’ve never sued or been sued.  No church has ever not received product they paid for. Review the ChurchPlaza pledge.

America’s highest quality church chairs and sanctuary seating… at exceptional values… and from people you can trust!  That’s ChurchPlaza

Why would you go anywhere else?


Dr. Thomas McElheny

Founder and CEO