ChurchPlaza’s Pledge To You

I’ve often heard the term “Christian Company” used, as if the company or business had a soul and was capable of making a Faith Decision.

Personally, I’m more comfortable with saying that a business or company has “Christian Values” because that definition better recognizes it is the people IN the company professing their faith values.

Either way, it IS accurate that businesses and companies DO have an identifiable CHARACTER.

And like people, that character can be reflected in how that company operates.

From the phone receptionist, to sales representatives, through the manufacturing process, administration and beyond… Faith Based Values can be reflected to the world revealing just how seriously that organization takes its responsibility in operating to the standards of “Christian Values”

That desire to operate to the standards of Christian Values is at the heart of ChurchPlaza’s pledge to your church.

We will strive to provide only the highest quality products, to resolve problems if they occur, to only speak the truth, and to not slander our competitors as we present honest and helpful information in our consultations, advertising and warranties.

Most of all we will in all ways and at all times try to honor God. We are human and we make mistakes.  But in 28 years of serving churches in over 500,000 transactions;  we have never been sued, never sued anyone else, never failed to deliver a paid for product, never failed to correct a warranted item and there has never been a formal complaint of any kind filed with any government or church authority. (page 2 follows)

Simply put, we will do everything possible to see that your church is treated the way I would want my church treated… and in a way that is God honoring.

Dr. Thomas McElheny