Folding Chairs vs. Stackable Chairs What style is best for your church?

There are several questions to consider about your church’s operational style before selecting church seating. Aside from the obvious areas, like budget and style preference, you’ll also want to weigh the answers to more qualitative questions.

For example, do you have a dedicated worship space, or a multi-purpose location for worship and social activities? Are your parishioners in need of comfort for extended services or activities? Will you be sharing the seating with another group or church? Will you need to store the seating?

Once you’ve considered these questions, there are generally two high-quality church chair options – folding chairs and stackable chairs. Each has their unique feature and specific benefits for your church.

Folding – Fast and Multi-Functional

Many churches share space with schools, civic groups and even other churches. Sharing space is often a top reason for selecting folding chairs. Here are other benefits of using folding church chairs:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver into new seating arrangements, quickly
  • Many materials to choose from – vinyl, metal and upholstered
  • Can be used outdoors, if necessary
  • Storage in decorated caddies keep chairs out of view when not in use

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Stackable – Strong and Secure

Many churches with a dedicated worship space opt for stackable chairs because they lend a feeling of permanency with the convenience of modifying your church’s seating arrangement for special services and events. Other top benefits of using stacking church chairs:

  • Comfortable and ergonomic
  • Structurally solid and great support
  • Quick breakdown options
  • Legs are protected from damage thanks to paint finishes and stacking buttons
  • Can include upgrades like book pouches and pockets and book racks

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Once you’ve identified your church seating needs, visit our wide selection of church chairs and then contact us toll-free at 1-800-927-6775 to discuss the best chairs for your church. We will carefully consider your budget and needs to bring you the best church seating solution.