ChurchPlaza’s Jericho Church Chair

America’s Best Value in a Quality Church Chair

Today church chairs and stackable church seating make up the bulk of church seating purchases made in the United States, and for good reasons; quality church chairs and sanctuary seating are comfortable, flexible and cost effective.   While the advantages of purchasing church chairs and sanctuary seating are obvious; WHERE, WHAT and from WHOM to purchase sanctuary seating or church chairs remains a potential minefield.

Over the past 5 years, the number of company’s offering church chairs and sanctuary seating has skyrocketed.  With the growth of the internet, virtually anyone can create the appearance of an established company and make claims about their products and services.  So how is a church able to sift the wheat from the chaff and identify both the best company and the best chair for their needs?

The answer is really pretty simple; choose an established and reputable provider with the knowledge and concern to help your church make the best choices for your individual situation.  Then work closely with the knowledgeable and reputable representatives of that company to identify the chair best suited for your churches individual needs.

ChurchPlaza is an industry leading 26 year old provider of church chairs and sanctuary seating.  Over this period, ChurchPlaza has received the endorsements and recommendations of 45 national denominations, ministries and/or their publishing houses.  No other provider of church chairs, sanctuary seating and other church seating has received even 1 endorsement.

The ChurchPlaza Jericho Church Chair

The Jericho church chair is America’s lowest priced quality-built sanctuary chair with all the comfort, durability and features you would expect on a much more expensive church seating.

The Jericho’s 100% virgin foam 3” seat with generous rolled front for additional leg support provides comfort and exceptional long term wear.  ChurchPlaza’s certified highest grade commercial fabric is warranted to be stain resistant and to provide years of durability and good looks.  The ergonomically designed dual lumber support of the back adds to the comfort and value of this extraordinary chair.  Jericho Church Chair.

ChurchPlaza also provides MoistureBarrier™ Fabric Treatment to protect your chairs from spills and accidents on all ChurchPlaza sanctuary seating AT NO ADDITONAL COST on all popular fabric choices. No other provider of church chairs and sanctuary seating provides this additional treatment for fabric protection free of charge.

Chair Construction

Like all ChurchPlaza church chairs and sanctuary seating, only the highest quality raw materials go into construction of the Jericho chair.

Beginning with a heavy duty true 1 inch/16 gauge 1010 cold-rolled steel frame foundation with 9/16 cross members, 1 inch weld lines and mandrel bend, this is truly the strongest standard frame offered in the industry.  The Jericho chair is engineered to support more than 1700 pounds.

Real industrial Grade ½ inch true plywood foundations and seatback is stronger and stiffer with superior holding power than particle board, strand board o imitation plywood (Multi-Ply™/OSB as reported by Georgia-Pacific Building Products.

The Jericho church chair fastening system use steel to steel never slip “T” Nuts with 5X the holding power of wood screws and stronger than the “Bos™ steel to plastic fastening system used by some church chair and sanctuary chair providers.

ChurchPlaza standard fabrics are certified among the highest quality commercial fabrics available with longer wear, color fastness and durability.  ChurchPlaza provides certified fabric testing results with every proposal for peace of mind.

The High Density 100% 3 inch Virgin Commercial Grade Foam seat cushion with plush rolled front and a full 20.5 inch wide seat provides roomy comfort and leg support.  18 inch to 22 inch seats are available.

The finish on ChurchPlaza’s Jericho chair is achieved using a high quality chip resistant five-step electrostatic powder coating frame finish for a lifetime of beauty.  The wide selection of finish colors and fabrics gives churches a virtually unlimited choice of paint and fabric combinations.  As with all ChurchPlaza church chairs and sanctuary seating, the ChurchPlaza Jericho chairs comes with the Trustworthy 25 year limited product warranty for your church’s peace of mind.

You will find our Ultimate Church Chair buying guide a valuable resource when trying to determine what type of church chair you need.

The highest quality church chairs, at America’s best values and from people you can trust!  That’s the ChurchPlaza way!