A Deeper Look at ChurchPlaza Chairs

ChurchPlaza vs. the Competition

We at ChurchPlaza stand behind our products 100% because we know exactly where the quality materials came from and that each chair is built to our proprietary and exacting standards. We are extremely selective when it comes to manufacturers, thoroughly controlling how each piece is made. We pride ourselves in our specificity and regularly turn down manufacturing offers due to our strict standards.

Many chairs from our competition are outsourced from suppliers who do not take the pride and care as we do. These places might use reclaimed wood, used foam, or hazardous seat materials.

We’ve created a side-by-side comparison between our chairs and a competitor chair to showcase the differences between ChurchPlaza chairs and others on the market. We’re looking at our Inspiration Chair and comparing it to a similar model from a competitor.

Finding the Right Chair

When comparing chairs, it is important not only to test comfort but to pay particular attention to the make and materials as well. When you get a sample of a chair sit in it and then flip it over. Investigate the welding to see if it is done correctly. There should be welding on all sides of the metal rather than just a few. If the chair has a book rack does it seem like it could hold enough without breaking? Purchasing new chairs only to have a welded spot give out is disappointing and wrong. Check the nuts and bolts, if they are wood or plastic then chances are they will not last as long as a solid steel fastening system.

Next, look into the foam. Determine the thickness and insist on virgin commercial foam and not reused foam. You may notice stains or writing if it is reused foam. Another piece to look for are the glides on the bottom of each leg. Self-leveling booted glides are a sign of quality while standard plastic glides may indicate cost cuts. These plastic glides are prone to break or fall off as the chair is used. This type of damage typically will not happen with the self-leveling glides as they have a different fastening system.

Be smart when you chose church chairs. Look into all the features and understand what the numbers mean. Our team at ChurchPlaza is always ready to answer your questions and concerns. Feel free to contact us at any time!