Customer Testimonials: Warranty, Prices & Word-of-Mouth

When considering a large purchase, such as seating for a whole 1,000 member congregation, peace of mind is key. At Church Plaza we provide peace of mind through having the best warranty in the business, affordable prices, and word-of-mouth advertising. When making a purchase of any kind, well over 50% of purchasers find peace of mind in the testimonies of other customers or people who have purchased the item at hand. At ChurchPlaza we have many satisfied customers who would gladly tell others of their great experience with us.

Here are just some of our customers thoughts:

"I want to thank you for taking the time to help us with this order; I know it was a small order, but you treated us as if we were one of your largest orders. Thank you for that courtesy. We plan on growing a lot, so we will definitely be ordering more. We have no intention of going anywhere else! Thank you again and God bless you."
Chris Prouty, Latter Rain Fellowship, Danville, IL

"We appreciated ChurchPlaza's benefit for just one thing, to be able to make one call and have everything handled."
Scott Osenbaugh, Sr. Pastor, Calvary Christian Center, Auburn, NE

"I am writing to commend your absolutely extraordinary service to us over the last six months. We have been in the process of researching tables to replace those in our Fellowship Hall. We have asked a lot of questions, and your salesperson has been gracious, patient, knowledgeable and articulate. In addition she has understood the importance of stewardship in buying well built items. If this salesperson is indicative of other staff there, you are to be commended for having a remarkable company!"
Pastor Fred S. Opalinski, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Latrobe, PA