Beware of the Dangers of Misleading Church Chair Sales Practices

Simply put, ChurchPlaza’s church and sanctuary chairs are the highest quality and best values available anywhere in the world.  That is why 45 national denominations, ministries and/or their publishing houses have endorsed and recommended ChurchPlaza to their churches while no other provider of church seating has received even one.

You can also be assured that all components and raw materials used in ChurchPlaza’s products meet and exceed all applicable legal and industry standards and where appropriate, have been tested and certified by third parties.  Please obtain these assurances from any church seating provider you may work with.

Unfortunately, we have recently seen an increase in aggressive “attack advertising” from some church seating companies while these same companies engage in misleading sales practices regarding their own foam, fabrics, foundations, fastening systems, steel gauge used and more.

To protect your church, we encourage you to obtain a sample of any sanctuary or church chair your church is considering and written verificiation as to any questions you might have about their products.  Then cut open the chairs and verify the claims.

Good questions to ask every chair provider requiring them to respond in writing include:

  1. Is ALL the foam in the chair high density virgin foam?
  2. Are ALL fastening systems quality steel to steel “T-Nut”?
  3. Are the steel gauges advertised accurate?
  4. Obtain Mill certified fabric testing results.
  5. Has the company ever declared bankruptcy?
  6. Does the company sell their chair… or attack others?

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