Stewardship and Church Chairs

Recently I spoke with the pastor of a large urban church that was simultaneously renovating their worship facility and also building a satellite church in a nearby community.

They were looking to purchase about 1,000 new worship chairs and his committee was deadlocked among those wanting to save money by buying the least expensive chairs available, those interested in investing in a quality long lasting seating solution and those concerned about reports of unhealthy emissions of formaldehyde from some church chairs and worship seating.

His intelligent solution was to speak directly with someone that knew about these topics. So he called me.

After all, ChurchPlaza has been serving America’s churches for almost 30 years, has received endorsements from 45 national denominations and/or their publishing houses and has provided a combination of more chairs, pews and theatre seating to churches than anyone else in the world.

So here’s what I told him; “The fact is, this issue is about stewardship”.

Candidly, most churches today are uninformed about what to look for when buying church seating and unfortunately, some church chair providers will use this lack of information and focus their advertising on low prices and quick sales. And there ARE real dangers, health wise and financially, in buying the wrong church seating.

So here’s a set of guidelines that will help your church in deciding what to look for when buying church seating. After all, it’s God’s money for His glory.

  1. Only buy from an established and reputable church chair provider. Find out how long they’ve been in business, obtain multiple references, find out if they have ever filed for bankruptcy, failed to deliver paid for product or been sued. Review the ChurchPlaza pledge to you, the customer.
  2. Only buy from a company that will certify in writing that the church chair’s components have been certified for quality and safety.
  3. Don’t buy a chair whose foundations are not CARB II certified and whose fabrics and foam have been not certified free from dangerous cancer causing emissions of formaldehyde and TDCPP.
  4. Only buy from a company that will send you a FREE sample of the EXACT chair you are considering.
  5. Make sure the warranty is clearly written, covers all elements of the chair with Lifetime coverage on the frame, 25 years on workmanship and 10 years on the fabric and foam. Find out everything you need to know about church chair warranties in our recent post.
  6. Then compare the “cheap” chairs with a quality chair from a reputable provider and ask yourself “is a couple of dollars per chair worth not having everything mentioned in 1-5?

It’s all about stewardship!

Our extensive Guide to Buying Church Chairs will give you all the information you need to make an educated purchase.  America’s highest quality church chairs and seating for sanctuaries… exceptional values…..and from people you can trust! That’s ChurchPlaza!

Why would you go anywhere else?

Dr. Thomas McElheny