ChurchPlaza’s Unique Selling Style

"Church Honoring, Trustworthy and No Gimmicks." 

Our Pledge To You

 Providing church seating to churches today is big business.  With 375,000 churches in the United States spending billions of dollars in purchasing annually, including the purchase of more than 1,000,000 metal frame upholstered church chairs; competition for business is very keen.

Until a few years ago most of the church chairs/church seating market share was split between three or four established providers.  But in recent years the emergence of the internet and the bankruptcy of Church Chair Industries of Rome, Georgia, at one time the nation’s largest provider of church chairs and sanctuary seating, have reshaped the church chairs provider landscape.

Selling standards and business practices also vary greatly among current providers of church chairs, sanctuary chairs and church seating.  Because of intense competition, many providers of church seating have resorted to sales gimmicks, competitor bashing and downright misrepresentations to make sales.

ChurchPlaza has been a recognized leader and innovator in the design and manufacturing of church chairs for more than 26 years during which time the company has received the endorsements of 45 national denominations, fellowships, ministries and/or their publishing houses. It is the only provider of church chairs, sanctuary chairs and church seating so honored. 

Take a look at why ChurchPlaza is different!


1) ChurchPlaza provides only the highest quality products, at fair prices and with trust worthy warranties that can be relied upon to be there if needed.

2) If a problem occurs, ChurchPlaza will work to resolve it quickly and with minimum disruption to the church.

3) ChurchPlaza sales representatives will only speak the truth, speak only about ChurchPlaza products unless pointing out differences in quality with other chairs and will not speak unflattering of a competitor.

4) ChurchPlaza will honestly promote our products without sales gimmicks, slick advertising or confusing offers.

5) ChurchPlaza representatives will try in all ways and at all times to be God Honoring and Church Honoring as we support your ministry and service.


It’s that simple; Quality products at fair prices from trustworthy people

That’s ChurchPlaza!