Beware of the Health Dangers In Many Church Chairs

ChurchPlaza is the first church and sanctuary chair provider to laboratory certify its chairs, foundations, fabrics and foam to be in compliance with applicable international, united states/ state government and industry recommended standards and requirements for no/low emissions from carcinogenic chemicals.

Please obtain the following assurances IN WRITING from any church seating provider your church may be speaking with or don’t buy their chairs!  

  1. That all plywood or pressboard seat/back foundations are certified by an independent testing laboratory to be in compliance with CARB Phase 2 (California Air Resources Board) AND The Formaldehyde Standards for Composite Wood Products Act…..both establishing formaldehyde emissions limits for indoor press board products. Failure to do so may expose your congregation to dangerous levels of carcinogenic chemical fumes.  Formaldehyde is a proven irritant and cancer causing agent to humans!
  2. That all foam used in the chair is laboratory certified to have non-detectable emission levels of TDCPP (a known cancer causing agent and human irritant present in many commercial flame retardants) and the foam used in the chairs is laboratory certified to be free from formaldehyde.
  3. That the chair fabric has been laboratory certified to be in compliance with international free formaldehyde standards contained in JIS 112 and The European Oeko-Tex100 and American textile Restricted Substances List.
  4. To further protect your church, insist the chair provider warrant IN WRITING; 1) That ALL (100%) foam used in the chair is VIRGIN, high density commercial grade foam 2) That ALL (100%) of the foundation fasteners are high quality steel to steel T-nut fasteners 3) That all fabric wear, durability and fabric characteristics claims be certified by the fabric manufacturer and 4) That all paints meet applicable regulations.

If you are looking for more information on how to select a church chair for your sanctuary, view our Ultimate Buying Guide to Church Chairs post.