The Dangers of Buying Church Chairs From a Reseller

In recent years the number of sources for church seating has skyrocketed but so have the risks for the local church!  These risks can be avoided by following these tips!

This article is intended to equip pastors, committees and decision makers at churches with the knowledge and information they need to make informed purchasing decisions regarding church seating.

Generally speaking, providers of church chairs, sanctuary seating and church seating fall into two categories;

  1. Those who design and are responsible for the manufacturing and warranties of the chairs and…
  2. Those who simply re-sell chairs manufactured by someone else.

With the advent of the internet, virtually anyone can present themselves as a “provider” of church chairs with out any real responsibility.  But there is a HUGE difference between a “reseller” and those who design and are responsible for the manufacturing, quality and warranties of the chairs they sell.  These differences can end up costing the local church thousands of dollars.

Here are 5 important reasons to be careful of “resellers”.

1) Church chair resellers have no direct control in the quality, warranty or design of the chairs they sell. If something goes wrong, the chair manufacturer is blamed (usually located in another country and insulated from responsibility).

2) Because church chairs sold by resellers have to be price competitive when sold to the local church (after making profits for the manufacturer, the master distributor and/or the local distributor) the chairs must be manufactured at the very lowest cost possible.

To keep prices low, these chairs almost always have the lowest quality steel used in their frames, poor quality paints and workmanship, discounted foam and off-brand fabrics purchased at the lowest possible cost.

3) Warranties provided on chairs sold by “resellers” are almost always inferior to those offered by those firms responsible for the manufacturing of their products and can be very difficult if not impossible to enforce if any serious problems or injuries occur.

4) Many resellers are not really responsible businesses but simply websites backed only by an individual working out of their home or church.  As well intentioned as some might be, churches deserve the protection of warranties and representations they can depend on to be there if needed.

5) Resellers have very little control or input into the manufacturing, delivery or design of their products.  Most come and go quickly with little commitment to the long term needs of the local church.

Here are 5 questions that every church should consider before they select a church chair provider:

1) Is the chair provider responsible for the design, manufacture, quality and warranty of the chair?  If not, use extreme caution!

2) How long has the church chair provider been in business?  Can they provide extensive recommendations?  Is there a history of unresolved complaints or financial problems?

3) Will the church chair provider send FREE SAMPLES for the church to examine?  If not, use extreme caution?  Virtually all reputable church chair providers will send free samples.

4) Is the organization responsible for the warranty on the chairs the church chair provider….or is the warranty offered by another organization?  If it is offered by another organization, use extreme caution?

5) Is your church chair provider endorsed or recommended by national denominations, fellowships, ministries or a large number of established churches?  If not, there must be a reason and it is not in your churches best interest.

In summary, church chair, sanctuary seating and church seating purchases can amount to thousands of dollars in church funds.  Stewardship requires these funds be used responsibly by church decisions makers.

Don’t take chances that can be avoided.  Purchase your church chairs from established church chair providers that are responsible for the design, manufacture, quality and warranties on your chairs.

ChurchPlaza is a 26 year old provider of quality church chairs, sanctuary chairs, church seating and other quality church products to churches throughout the United States and many foreign countries.  Over the years ChurchPlaza has received endorsements from 45 national denominations, ministries and/or their publishing houses and is the only church seating provider so honored.  ChurchPlaza maintains administrative and sales offices in Sarasota, Florida in addition to warehousing and manufacturing facilities in three other locations.