3 Reasons To Sample Church Chairs Before Buying

Today there are many providers of chairs and seating for churches and sanctuaries……but not everyone is created equally or does business in the same way.
While some focus on providing quality products and service, others rely on reselling the least expensive chairs possible, banking on the inexperience of most churches when buying church seating.

This contrast in quality is most evident with stocking warehouses that resell cheap chairs designed and manufactured by someone else. In addition to poor chair quality are potential problems with warranties and service after the sale.

Here are important suggestions that will help protect your church from making the costly mistake of purchasing inferior church seating products;

  • Only buy from a well established and recognized provider of church and sanctuary seating……preferably one that has endorsements from many churches, national denominations and ministries.
  • Only buy from a provider responsible for the design and manufacturing of their chairs……..and not simply a reseller of someone else’s chair.
  • Only buy from a provider that will send your church a FREE SAMPLE of the chair you are thinking of buying. There are several IMPORTANT REASONS why; 
  1. The chair provider not sending a sample probably doesn’t want your church to see just how poorly and cheaply made their chair is.
  2. If you do obtain a sample, beware of the “bait and switch” where you’ll be sent a chair “similar” but not exactly like the one you are considering. Insist the provider assure you in writing the sample will match the chairs you wish to purchase. If the provider won’t or hedges on this assurance, don’t buy and
  3. Committee members can compare the sample side by side with other chairs you are considering.

Aside from a building, the purchase of seating for your church and sanctuary is one of the larger investments your church will make. You can avoid many of the pitfalls and dangers of purchasing the wrong chair by following these simple suggestions.


Dr. Thomas McElheny